Changes That Qualify for the Section 179 Tax Credit

by | Jul 18, 2013 | Financial Services

Saving the environment is an important element of today’s society. This includes businesses that want to do their part for the environment and leave a good impression with their customers. There are several ways a business can do this. Most of these ways will qualify you for the Section 179 tax credit so you can reduce your tax liability for the year in which you make these improvements.


Every business needs a proper heating and cooling system to keep things comfortable for their employees and their customers. However, if your business has an older system, you could be running a system that is wasting energy and isn’t able to keep your business at the proper temperature. Improving your HVAC system so you can rely on it and know it isn’t using up too much energy, costing you even more money. These changes can qualify for the Section 179 deduction as well.


In the past, many businesses were using fluorescent bulbs because they were the longest lasting option that was available at the time. Today, there are more options from which businesses can choose, allowing you to take advantage of the Section 179 tax credit. Many of these systems can seem quite expensive, causing a business to balk at the idea of spending so much money to upgrade the lighting. However, with the tax credit, you can offset some of that cost.

Business Envelope

Not all commercial buildings are well insulated to help keep the costs of maintaining a suitable temperature down. This is why making changes to your business envelope can also qualify for this important tax deduction. Calling in the professionals to add more insulation in your walls to help protect your business and bring your operating costs down will allow you to take advantage of the environmentally-friendly changes many businesses are making today.

Understanding all the various changes your business can make so it can operate more efficiently and save money will help you determine if you qualify for the Section 179 tax credit. Making improvements to your HVAC system, the type of lighting you use and the business envelope that helps keep the environment inside your business consistent will all qualify you for this tax credit. As long as you meet the requirements and fall within the limitations the government has set, you will be able to reduce your tax liability for the year.

To learn more about the types of changes you can make to qualify for the Section 179 tax credit, visit the Walker Reid Strategies.

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