Understanding Trailer Brake Assemblies in Fort Worth TX

People rely on trailers for many reasons. Some people use trailers for work purposes, to carry tools and other equipment. Others use them for recreation purposes. Whatever the reason, it is important to determine the brake assembly one is using and how it affects overall performance. There are two types of Trailer Break Assemblies Fort Worth TX.

Trailer Brake Actuator

The trailer brake actuator uses hydraulic force to stop the trailer whenever the driver engages the brakes on the tow vehicle. Normally, the trailer moves at the same speed as the tow vehicle. Therefore, whenever the tow vehicle stops, the trailer pushes on it, thus activating the braking mechanism on the trailer and stopping it.


The actuator needs maintenance, like any other machine, to guarantee effectiveness. Ensuring that there is always enough brake fluid is important.

The owner also needs to regularly clean the whole braking system, especially after using the trailer in corrosive conditions. These include chemicals that might affect the effectiveness of the braking system.

Replacing different parts of the actuator when necessary is another way of ensuring that it works perfectly.

Electric Trailer Brake

The electric trailer brake is simple to operate. Instead of stopping the trailed using hydraulic pressure, the braking system activates an electric current thus stopping the trailer. Most people using Trailer Break Assemblies In Fort Worth, TX are slowly upgrading to electric trailer brakes.


The electric trailer braking system does not need a lot of maintenance. One needs to ensure that the magnetic system that activates the brakes still works. This also involves checking the grounding and ensuring that it is still effective.

It is also important to grease moving parts to prevent wearing out by friction.

There are some reasons why people are making these changes.

• The electric braking system is more reliable and effective than the hydraulic system

• It is also more affordable to replace parts

• Current is adjustable to achieve different effects

It is important to consider effectiveness and safety when towing a trailer. The efficiency offered by the electric system makes upgrading a good idea. One of the reputable trailer break assemblies is C & S Trailers. Click Here for more information.

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