A Hearing Test is the Best Diagnostic for Hearing Loss

Are you experiencing symptoms of hearing loss? For example, do you have a lot of ringing in your ears? Maybe you feel like you need to persistently ask others to speak up or repeat what they said? Maybe you are aggravated that you cannot hear the phone or TV as loudly or clearly as you once did? It could be the ideal time for a hearing test done by a professional audiologist.

Why? Though you might use a bit of self-diagnosis such as “I just have a lot of ear wax” or “I’m congested…that’s all”; realistically, it is only by using the training, skill and specialized devices of a professional hearing test that any and all issues can be identified and resolved.

The Most Modern Hearing Test

You may have had a hearing test or two in the past, but today’s technologies are far better at diagnosing actual hearing loss as well as honing in on what might be causing you to struggle with a problem with the ears. There are a few steps involved in premium testing and these look at the physical ear as well as specific and targeted questions about your problems with hearing.

After all, it could be that you don’t have hearing loss at all but are struggling with a buildup of ear wax. It could be that you have been exposed to high levels of noise and require hearing protection more than anything else.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids might also be an essential to those who have suffered actual hearing loss. Unfortunately, many people hold a skeptical or negative view of these devices, believing they are something needed only in the worst of cases. This is not true and people of all ages find that their quality of life improves almost the instant they get a hearing aid.

One of the most interesting advances is known as REM, and though that is also an acronym used to describe sleep, when applied to hearing aids it means Real Ear Measurement. It is a software program that allows a hearing aid to see exactly how you are hearing in real life environments and make adjustments according to your needs.

At Advanced Quality Hearing Systems patients can receive comprehensive and skilled hearing tests and then the ideal and fully customized hearing aid solution for their lifestyle and hearing needs. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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