Types Of Taxis Around The World

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When it comes to taxis, it is not true that one type fits all cultures. This is as valid today as it has been in past centuries. In Everett MA a taxi generally means a motorized vehicle. This is not true for China or Vietnam.

Basic Types of Taxis

When it comes to taxi typology, you can examine cabs in a variety of ways. You may refer to them by color. In England, for example, black cabs are “Taxis.” They are distinct from cabs or mini-cabs that are solely for hire. In Seoul, Korea, a general taxis is often called a Grey Taxi because it is silver with a blue or white line. A deluxe taxi, on the other hand, is black and has a yellow sign. In New York, all taxicabs come in 2 essential colors: yellow and green. Yet, overall, taxicabs can be sorted into types based on their function. As a result taxis are:

1. Street Taxis, common cabs, Hackney carriages, public hire or hailed taxis – In London, people refer to them commonly as black cabs. In North America, you can reserve them in advance. In some instances, such as in Everett MA, a taxi of this type can only be acquired online or by phone

2. Private hire vehicles, minicabs or private hire taxis – These taxis are available only through pre-booking

3. Limousines – These special taxis are available for hire only through pre-bookings

Alternative Forms of Taxis

While to people in Everett MA, a taxi is an automobile, a van or a limousine, this is not always the case. Historically and even in the present taxis have been powered by animals and humans. Among the most common types are:

1. Rickshaws or a pedicab (Cycle Rickshaw): These involve a person pulling a rickshaw or peddling a bicycle pulling a carriage. These are common in certain Asian countries as a tourist measure or as a viable means of visiting certain seemingly unreachable neighborhoods.

2. Hansom or Hackney Cab: In New York, NY, Montreal, Canada, Niagara Falls, Ontario, and in London, England, you can still see horse drawn cabs. These are sometimes used for romantic rides along rivers and through parks. You can hail or book one in advance

3. Gondolas or water taxis: These are popular in Venice but motorized versions are also available to ferry individuals in certain Asian countries

While a taxi conjures up a very specific image in our minds, it does not encompass all that a taxicab may be or is around the world. Whether you live in Everett MA, a taxi may accomplish the same thing but can appear very different. It is one interesting fact of many you should discover if you plan to visit to and take a taxi in other places around the world.

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