Men’s Business Shirts Not Just for Dress

by | Feb 10, 2014 | Shopping

Men’s business shirts are always associated with business attire. However there are many ways you can wear them for a more casual look. Here are a few ideas to try.

Smart Casual

You often see restaurants refer to their recommended dress as smart casual. Men’s business shirts are made for smart casual and can really give you that smart look that makes you look comfortable yet elegant. You can pair your business shirt with jeans, khakis or skinny fit trousers and if you dare give some of the new floral and patterned trousers a try. Just make sure when matching business shirts with patterns of any kind you are choosing a solid color or white.


Pairing men’s business shirts with jeans always works well, especially a crisp white shirt. White shirts and jeans have a sophisticate look while allowing you to be laid back. It shows you care about what you wear but don’t take yourself too seriously. Women love this look so it can be perfect for casual first dates as well as going out for a few drinks with the boys.

Shirt over Tee

Spring is a great time to throw a men’s business shirt over a tee. You can mix and match colors, but always stay untucked for this look. It works well with trousers as well as shorts giving you an almost nautical feel especially when matching a solid tee with striped men’s business shirts. You can do the reverse as well with a bold striped tee and solid white shirt.

Suit no Tie

Men’s business shirts always work with a suit, but wearing them sans the tie works really well for occasions such as cocktail parties, holiday parties at a more casual venue and even some weddings. This is also a dress code many businesses are embracing for a business casual look.

There are many ways you can wear men’s business shirts for a more casual look. You are certain to find a look that suits your tastes as well as that will work well with your wardrobe. A man can never have too many business shirts and when you incorporate them into your casual wardrobe you will save on the need for more casual shirts.

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