Types of Tamper Resistant Seals on the Market

When it comes to keeping your items safe for transport, as well as keeping packages closed until they are supposed to be open, it is important that you have some type of seal on the packaging. Though seals are great, you can’t always tell if they have been opened or not. Fortunately, manufacturers of tamper resistant security seals have come up with a solution. These seals can be placed on items of all kinds, from bottles and bags to barrels and boxes. In fact, there are many tamper resistant security seals on the market. Here are a few of the most popular:

Pull-Through Plastic Seals

One type of tamper resistant seal you will find is a pull-through plastic seal. These seals are small, but mighty. Though they are usually made of some type of plastic or nylon, they also have a locking mechanism that is made of tough metal. These items are ideal for a number of different uses including sealing cassettes on ATM machines and any other place where a quick, secure seal is needed. You will find that these seals can be etched with lasers for better security and are made with heat staking technology…you will know if these seals have been tampered with.

Metal Strap Seals

Another type of tamper resistant seal on the market are metal strap seals. These seals are ideal for keeping containers closed and secure. Some of the more common uses for metal strap seals include shipping containers, warehousing, baggage, customs and railways. These seals cannot be disengaged nor can they be manipulated without evidence. The identifying numbers are always embossed on these seals and cannot be altered. These are tough straps that can easily stand up to the elements.

Mini Padlocks

You will also find that mini padlocks are quite popular when used for sealing, especially in the airline and catering industries. They are extremely easy to use, affordable and very slim. You will find that these padlocks are also etched by laser, so there is no possible way the numbers can be changed without being evident.

These are just a few of the many tamper resistant seals that you can find on the market. For more options or to learn more about it, contact a manufacturer.

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