Types of St. Augustine Employee Benefits for Your Company

If you own a business in St. Augustine, you will need to provide employee benefits to those working for you. While there are rules in place to govern which companies must include these benefits, it can be advantageous to you as a business owner to provide employee benefits even if they are not required. Types include health, vision, dental, disabilities, life insurance and retirement plans.

Health Benefits

Though you hope that none of your employees gets sick, it will happen from time to time, and it is important that they have a health insurance plan that will cover their needs while sick. Try to find a plan that will benefit your costs and the employee’s needs, as they will be the one using the services.

Many times, companies provide health benefits that have little coverage for a high price. St. Augustine businesses are required to provide health benefits if employees meet certain criteria, so select those options that will benefit employees most without costing you a lot of money. There are companies out there who can help you find the right insurance plans.


Most businesses provide health employee benefits, but neglect vision care, which is just as important. A person’s eyes should be checked yearly to ensure that glasses are not required, and the eyes can also show of problems in other areas of the body. Providing this to your employees will allow them to be in top health, providing you better work production.


If you would like your employees to enjoy coming to work and be loyal to you, consider providing them with dental benefits. Most companies neglect dental employee benefits, which can be extremely costly to those without it. More people would want to work for your company and those working for you would be pleased if you offered dental benefits.


Though it is never fun to think that people may become disabled, it can happen, both on the business premises and off. Taking care of your employees in their short or long-term disability will mean that they are grateful to you and will want to work even harder when and if they are able to come back.

Retirement Plans

Most people would prefer to work in an environment where they feel they are respected and wanted. Offering St. Augustine workers a retirement plan will help keep employees working with your business for many years.

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