Types of Audiophile Speakers for Home Use

by | Jul 2, 2013 | Shopping

When shopping for audiophile speakers for the home, there are many options to choose from. Architectural speakers can be hidden in ceilings or walls, while floor-standing and bookshelf speakers offer high quality sound from within their own enclosures. Consumers can even find compact speakers to produce better sound from their computer audio systems. Learning about the various types of audiophile speakers can better help you find a speaker for your home.


Architectural speakers allow any size speakers to be discretely hidden while still providing distributed audio. These speakers can be safely mounted to a ceiling or wall with features such as swiveling woofers, allowing you to aim the sound at desired locations. While the wiring for architectural speakers may be more complicated than other types of speakers, the nearly transparent nature of the speakers are a positive among audio enthusiasts.

Floor-Standing and Bookshelf Options

A great majority of home speaker options include those made to sit alone on the floor or on a bookshelf. These speakers can be found in a wide range of sizes and shapes to achieve a desired sonic goal by the manufacturer. Most floor-standing speakers can be found in three and four-way designs, while most bookshelf speakers are available in two-way designs. These numbers refer to the number of crossover points within the speaker.

Desktop Audio

Desktop audio is typically compact and makes for a simple way to play music on any desktop surface. These types of speakers can usually be connected to MP3 players for bedside music and are compatible with most smart phones. Speakers can also be found to make audio and music from your computer louder and clearer. Computer speakers can be found in both surround sound and stereo formats, depending on your individual needs. These speakers may also be headphone accessible, allowing you to listen in private.

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