Securing Your Home: Inside Tips from Security Officers in Cincinnati

In today’s day and age, safety is more important than ever before. Regardless of whether you live in a gated community with security guards or in an open apartment complex in the middle of a busy city, personal safety is guaranteed to be a prime concern for you and your family. The news is constantly full of reports of burglarized homes and stolen cars, which can make you feel worried and powerless to do anything, but you can, in fact, protect yourself and your loved ones. By using the following tips from professional Security Officers Cincinnati, you can make easy changes to your home and routine in order to maximize your home’s safety.

The effects of the recession coupled with rising unemployment have had a significant impact on the crime rate, putting more people and homes at risk of being robbed, scammed, and otherwise victimized. Most non-violent crimes are committed during daytime hours when home owners are at work, so making sure your house is secure is paramount. Deadbolts are best for securing outer doors; flip locks are easily picked from the outside and many burglars simply break a nearby window, reach in and flip it from the inside. A deadbolt that extends well into the door frame presents a much more difficult scenario and will usually discourage criminals from going through the door. To make your home even more unappealing, keep bushes trimmed back from doors, windows and other access points. Excessive shrubbery makes it easy for a burglar to conceal himself as he assesses the situation, and if it’s around doors or windows, it provides the perfect cover for him while he breaks in. Cut overgrown bushes back and make sure that the entrances are clearly visible.

Finally, don’t ever use any kind of hide-a-key system to keep a spare key outside. In all likelihood, you will never need to use it, so rather than run the risk of the wrong person finding it and getting into your home, just don’t do it. Home is your sanctuary from the madness of daily life and you have the right to feel safe there, so take this advice from experienced Security Officers Cincinnati and make your home an unappealing target for burglars.

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