Two Types Of Nose Jewelry: Rings and Studs

by | Dec 29, 2014 | Jewelry

While ear piercings continue to be the most popular and common type of body piercing, the nose comes in second. In the past few decades, the piercing of this particular body part has become increasingly more normal. It is now quite common to see celebrities and regular working individuals sporting nose rings and studs. These may appear in the traditional spots – the nostrils or septum, but a few individuals are more daring and opt for positions higher up on the nose or for piercings that encompass the nostrils and the septum.

Nose Jewelry: Nose Rings and Studs

For all these positions, the pierced required jewelry. The most common types are nose rings and studs. While many people refer to practically every piece of jewelry used in nose piercings as “rings, they are mistaken. Only specific types of nose jewelry are actually nose rings. Studs, on the other hand are a distinct and clearly recognizable form of nose jewelry.

* Nose Rings: Technically, a piercer will refer only to loops, hoops and barbells as nose rings. A ring is actually a circular device used to mark off or decorate the nasal piercing. It is always recommended for usage by those who are virgin nasal piercers. They are loose enough – if you follow the directions of your piercer and choose the right size, to make the piercing easier to clean. It allows room for the flesh to swell as well without causing damage. Buying a nose ring made of sterile metal is also a means of ensuring the piercing remains open. By using something such as stainless steel or sterling silver, you are also lowering the risk of infection.

* Studs: A stud is often called a pin or bone. They consist of a short piece of nose jewelry with a decoration at the end. This may be a diamond, small bead or other type of gemstone. A stud or nose bone is not recommended by many piercers to wear immediately after getting your nose pierced for the first time. They are more difficult to change and clean than a nose ring. Purchase and wear afterwards when the piercing has healed and is capable at handling them.

Nose Rings or Studs?

Should you wear nose rings or studs? Some people prefer one type of nose jewelry over the other. It is a personal choice. However, when you get your nose pierced for the first time or get a nose piercing in a new spot, pay attention to what your piercer has to say about jewelry choice for the initial period. After that, take your pick from nose rings and studs and any other form of nasal jewelry.

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