Metals Used For Body Piercing Rings

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Body jewelry is something that has become more common over the past decades. While it has almost always been acceptable to pierce the earlobes, other parts of the body have remained untouched except by certain sectors of society. During the Punk Rock era, for example, body piercing rings found their way into any possible body orifice. From noses to the genitalia, people of all walks of life are allowing body piercers to make their mark.

Why Choose Metal Body Piercing Rings

Yet, whether body piercing is done to make a political or fashion statement, it is essential to be careful not only who performs the actual piercings, but also what metals to allow to flash from secret and more overt places. Body piercing rings come in several different metals as well as colors. It is important to choose metal rings that avoid the risk of infection. You must also make sure the metal you select will not result in what could be a very painful and/or obvious skin reaction.

The Basic Metals for Body Piercing Rings

There are many different metals. Below are some of the most popular and safe ones to choose.

Stainless Steel: This metal is a popular one with many individuals for body piercing rings. It has many of the hallmarks that attract people to use it. It is hypoallergenic. It is also inexpensive and readily available.

Sterling Silver: Although more expensive than stainless steel, sterling silver is popular among those who want to add a little flash. This metal rarely causes any form of skin irritation. While adding shine to the position, this metal is also more prone to becoming scratched than either steel or titanium.

Silver Plated and Filled: Silver plated or filled body piercing rings require greater care. They can become tarnished. This type of metal is also more susceptible to carrying bacteria and, therefore, causing infections.

Gold: Gold body piercing rings are expensive. The exact price, however, depends upon the amount of karats involved. It is important, if you have an allergic reaction to nickel and its alloys, that you purchase gold rings that are of at least 14k.

Gold Plated and Filled: Like silver plated or filled, these are not solid gold rings. They are, therefore, less expensive than gold rings. According to the professionals, the gold filled rings are more durable than plated.

Titanium: If you want durable and hypoallergenic body piercing rings, select those made from titanium. These are fairly popular because of their ability to provide color to the chosen piercing.

When it comes time to get a piercing, be careful who you choose to perform the piercing. You also need to pick the metal that comprises your body piercing rings with care. It should be hypoallergenic and infection resistant.

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