Trendy Clothes for Women 2015

If you are looking for the latest trends to update your wardrobe for 2015, trendy clothes for women will include a blast from the past. From the charm and innocence of gingham to the hippy influences of Bohemian patterns and the disco platform heels of the 70’s to high fashion lace of innocent eras, 2015 takes inspiration from the past.


This year your shoes should be all about high heels and laces. You will see a reincarnation of the platform heel that will be added to every shoe style imaginable from sandals to high tops and boots to sandals. Even the innocent, little girl Mary Jane has a hip new look with the addition of platform heels. However it is not just about heels. You will also see the arrival of laces making their appearance on everything from flats to open toed booties. The sexy look of the tie up laced shoe cum gladiator sandal is popular on runways and women clothing stores online for spring 2015. Whether you want something that is utilitarian or sexy the gladiator look is a must for 2015.


There is a real innocent look for 2015 with the return of gingham. Plaid was big for 2014 especially for the fall and winter. This spring look for smaller checks in pretty gingham in delicate pastels as well as elegant blacks and greys. Gingham is going to be seen on everything from pants to shorts and skirts to dresses and shirts. You will also see the Bohemian look appearing on patterns especially on dresses, pants and blouses. This light and breezy look is laid back yet can still be found in more sophisticated dresses. You can pair your long flowing Bohemian skirts with well fitted blouses or tunic tops as well as tees depending on the weather and occasion.

Stylish Details

White lace brings in a touch of femininity and romance. This elegant detail can be found in simple trim or adorn an entire skirt or blouse. Flared looks are popular in lightweight pants and A-line skirts and dresses for a figure flattering look. Perfect cuts in pants are chic and stylish ideal for the office or nights on the town. Flared pants are also popular in pant suits with longer jacket or vests.

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