How to Cut Through the Competition of the Rental Property Market

Park City is the playground for the rich and idle but is also a competitive market with a wide selection of rental properties. This means if you have an investment property you are trying to rent you can miss out on opportunities to enjoy full occupation year round. If you are finding it difficult to cut through the competition for your rental property, there are a few steps you can take to improve your occupancy rate.

Management Company: A Park City Property Management Company can assist you in not only keeping your property well maintained but also occupied to help you see an improved ROI. They will help you find the right tenants who will pay top dollar and respect your property during their stay. Property management companies will invest money in advertising to get the interest you need and handle all inquiries with an adept sales and customer service team trained to keep your property occupied. They will also offer maintenance services so you do not have to worry about annoying issues such as shovelling driveways or plumbing problems.

Effective Photos: Having an impressive assortment of professional photos is a must to rent your property. People have to see up to date photos that give the right impression and perspective of your property. Not only do you need interior and exterior photos but also photos that show the area and views from your accommodations.

Impressive Reviews: Asking past tenants for reviews of your property will also help sell to future renters. Whether you can get mentioned on major sites such as Trip Advisor or have your property featured on a travel site with plenty of visitors, you will increase your chances of finding new tenants who will have reliable sources to encourage occupancy.

Maintenance: Keep in mind that many people who visit areas such as Park City will come back year after year. By keeping your property well maintained you will draw attention for prospective tenants who will be looking for a better place to stay for their next visit. Also, have a professional sign placed in a prominent area in order to advertise your property is available for rent with an easy to spot website or phone number. It wouldn’t hurt to come up with an enticing name to make it easier to find you

Most of the steps you can take to help cut through the competition can be handled by a Park City Management Company. They can make things easier for you while increasing your ROI.


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