Traction Elevators in Washington DC are the Perfect Way to Move Up and Down

When it comes to moving up and down in a multistory building, Traction Elevators in Washington DC offer the perfect solution. Traction elevators are the most commonly used type of elevator due to their reliability and ease of operation.

Elevator Technologies Inc specializes in the installation and service of both commercial and residential elevators, and they also offer maintenance plans that can help to keep an elevator running smoothly at all times. If emergency repair service is ever required, their technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year to minimize any downtime.

Traction Elevators

A traction elevator operates with a pulley system, unlike a hydraulic elevator that is powered by a piston that moves inside of a cylinder. In a traction elevator, the elevator car is pulled up and down by steel ropes that roll over a pulley with deep grooves running around its entire circumference. The car is balanced with a counterweight to keep it from tipping or dropping too quickly during use. The counterweight provides stability to make lifting the elevator easier.


Traction Elevators in Washington DC should be serviced from time to time to keep them operating efficiently. This can also prevent an elevator from breaking down without warning. A technician will look for any developing problems during a maintenance inspection and do diagnostic testing to troubleshoot any issues that are found. Identifying a problem quickly so repairs can be made will help avoid a major breakdown.

When a Breakdown Occurs

When an elevator quits working, it can disrupt the daily flow of traffic. Rerouting people and products to the stairs or another elevator takes time and may cause frustration for those who are having to take an alternate route to reach a destination. When repairs need to be made, a service technician will check for worn out components, unusual noises, problems with the door or lift, and any other irregularities that may have caused the elevator to malfunction. It’s important to fix the problem quickly to minimize the elevator’s downtime.

Elevators play a vital part in the daily operation of multistory buildings since they provide a fast way for people and products to travel from one floor to another in a safe and secure manner. By keeping up with maintenance, an elevator can be up and running at all times. For information regarding elevator sales and service, please visit the website.

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