Figuring Out the Necessary Size and Arranging for Insurance With Moving Truck Rental in New York NY

Perhaps the first consideration when planning for Moving Truck Rental in New York NY is to determine the size of the vehicle needed. The people planning the move must figure out how much space all their belongings will take up. The moving trucks are all the same width; the difference is in the length, which typically ranges from 10 ft. to 26 ft. for vehicles available to rent and not requiring a commercial driver’s license.

Examples of Sizes and What They Hold

A 10-ft. truck generally is expected to hold all the belongings from a studio apartment or a small one-bedroom home. The 26-ft. truck may be able to fit furniture and other items from a four-bedroom house. If possible, the people may want to view different truck sizes in person before renting, since that gives them a better idea of how much space is in each cargo area.

This isn’t always convenient, though. Another possibility to figure out a precise size is to move everything in each room to one part of the room and then take measurements. Adding up the separate measurements should provide a good estimate of the space needed in a truck from a company like C.C. Rental.

Obtaining Insurance for the Vehicle

Companies that offer Moving Truck Rental in New York NY are likely to require insurance coverage by the customer, either purchased through the rental company or as a verified benefit on the credit card used for payment. Customers must learn whether their credit card provides this benefit. Many cover passenger car rental but the same may not be true for a moving truck.

Some companies will not rent a truck to customers who cannot pay with a credit card. Others do allow other forms of payment, but the person then must buy insurance from the rental company or provide another proof of insurance. A small number of debit card issuers provide passenger car rental coverage, so the individual may want to give their card issuer a call and see whether truck rental is one of the benefits. To get started with truck rental, check out can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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