Top Reasons To Choose Used Roche Equipment For Your Lab

Roche produces a range of different equipment for medical, diagnostic and laboratory facilities. One of the lines they offer is the Cobas line, which includes clinical and immunochemistry analyzers in several different sizes and models.

Like most global equipment manufacturers, the brand offers different sizes and options in testing equipment to meet the demands of labs of all types and capacities. They range from smaller systems that are designed to handle small numbers of samples per day, typically less than 400, to equipment systems that are designed for high volume testing in excess of 2000 samples per day.

The company even offers smaller desktop models for less than fifty samples or the next largest at less than 200 samples per day. With this variety, finding the right used Roche equipment for your testing needs is just a matter of knowing what you want both now as well as in the future.

Integrated Features

Buying used Roche equipment allows a lab to take advantage of the integration features offered by the Cobas line. This can include virtual integration, with a comprehensive IT system built into the equipment. This allows for intuitive user operation and even the option to customize the language.

Automated integration with the larger systems means that technicians don’t have to move or change the samples to complete the tests. This greatly simplifies lab work while offering easy access to analysis with just the push of the button. Maintenance tasks are also automated, reducing technician time for this as well.

It is also important to note that refurbished or quality used Roche equipment is well-known for its outstanding uptime, which is always an essential consideration. The company reports 96-98% uptime on their Cobas line, depending on the model and system.

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