Tips For Selecting Sheriff Apparel

When it comes to choosing new styles, options and designs in a uniform for any Sheriff’s office there is often a lot of time spent in making the best possible choice. With the wide variety sheriff apparel available it is a good time to look at new options and consider the best uniform components for year-round and seasonal wear.

Summer Gear

In virtually all areas of the country, law enforcement has two different uniforms. One is for summer wear and the other for winter wear. This is most important to officers in the field as those stationed in the office are less likely to have to manage extreme temperatures in the course of their day.

Ideally, for summer sheriff apparel, most departments look to the lighter weight, short sleeved button down uniform shirts. Many now offer anti-wrinkle and moisture wicking fabrics so they can stay looking fresh and crisp while helping officers to stay cool.

The other option is to choose a durable polo style of shirt. These are available in snag-resistant fabric that will have a very long lifecycle. Often with these shirts, the departments choose lightweight cargo pants or a standard uniform trouser. Different departments may also authorize shorts or bike pants for specific duties.

Winter Gear

Winter sheriff apparel will include the same color combinations and overall look as the summer uniforms with the obviously heavier fabrics for the pants and long sleeve dress shirts or polo shirts. Most officers will have several summer and winter uniform combinations that are ideal for any weather at any time of the year.

Most departments also provide a variety of options in their winter uniform, giving different officers doing a variety of jobs the option to choose the most comfortable clothing option and still be dressed consistently in the department.

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