Top Pests in Dallas, TX That Can Destroy Your Newly Installed Gutters

Did you just have your gutters installed or planing to install gutter in Dallas TX? Then you need to watch out for some of these common pests. The last thing you want is to have those new gutters become ruined shortly after.

1. Birds

While gutters are extremely effective in redirecting water flow from the top of the house, they’re also a great place for birds to nest. The shape of the gutter is just curved enough to build a nest in and start a family. However, those nests can stop the water flow. Your gutters can start to back up and overflow.

The nest’s weight can also damage the gutter. It can burst or break and require repair. If you notice birds starting to settle in your gutters, either have them removed or have a protective cover placed on the gutter.

2. Squirrels

Another notorious pest for gutters is squirrels. They love the easy access to water and the safe height from predators on the ground. They’ll store acorns up in the gutter and burrow in for the winter. That stockpile of acorns can also block the gutter and keep it from doing its job.

The squirrel might eventually burrow itself through your roof and into the attic, too. If you notice squirrels hanging around your gutters, then you need to have them removed.

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