What Is Spinning, And How Can Seniors Benefit From Attending A Spinning Class?

The perception of seniors is changing fast. Back in the day, seniors attended the Senior Center in their town to socialize during a dinner or attend movie night. Today’s senior is Website URL, out jogging, or at the gym. What is spinning, and how does it benefit senior fitness and wellness?

What Is Spinning?

We all did it from the time our legs were long enough. We continued doing it until we got our first set of real wheels. Some of us kept riding our bikes for the exercise, while others forgot theirs. Lots of people are using them again in favor of greener transportation.

Only the name has changed. Stationary biking is now called spinning. It’s aerobic exercise, which gets the heart pumping in double step. How does it benefit the health and wellness of seniors?

Senior Fitness

Seniors recognize the limitations of their bodies due to age and declining bodily strength. They realize that exercise will keep their joints fluid, their weight under control, and the minds clearer. Thus, they hit gyms wholly dedicated to spinning with instructors well versed in senior fitness.

The benefits are many:

  • A spin class near Riverdale Nj helps keep seniors with balance problems from falling when riding a bike on the road
  • Spinning is low impact, so seniors with joint pain or a bad back will strengthen the joints and suffer little pain
  • A trained instructor will work with each senior to adjust the resistance and speed monitor to suit their particular health needs
  • Aging adds stress and sometimes depression that energetic cycling dispels
  • Cycling elevates heart rates. This lowers blood pressure, LDL (bad) cholesterol, and increases lung capacity. Cycles usually have readouts detailing heart rate and other statistics

It’s clear to see how spinning benefits seniors, especially with insurance now covering senior fitness and wellness. Contact Advanced Fitness & Wellness to find out how to enroll in spinning classes.

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