Tips to Help You Integrate Social Media into Your Web Design

More and more companies consider their website as the center of their brand’s entire being. However, more consumers are utilizing social media sites as a jumping off point for gathering information about promotions, products, customer feedback, stating their opinions and looking for customer service. There are other brands who have completely eliminated a traditional website altogether, and now using a combination of social media platforms in order to get their message out to the masses.

If you are faced with the question of whether or not you should ditch your website, this deserves careful consideration. The fact is if you want your ecommerce or Web site to actually engage and then convert your visitors, you need to embrace the social media platforms that have become so popular. The following information will provide you key ways that you can integrate social media into your Web Design in Twin Cities.

Let your customers know where you are on social media.

You need to ensure that the visitors on your website are able to easily see the social media sites that you are on, which will allow them to share what you have to offer via these networks. When you are placing your social media icons, a general rule of thumb is that the more visible they are, the more your visitors will interact.

Make it easy to connect with social logins.

When you use social logins, your visitors can simply login with their Twitter or Facebook account. This will allow the site to create a type of internal community and can be the ideal opportunity to share exclusive content and connect with the users that come to your site.

Additionally, when you give your visitors the options to register or login with social media, rather than having to fill out long forms, it will likely increase the conversion rate that you have when it comes to your user registration rate.

Ensure the web design is social media friendly.

You should design your website form the content to the code to commerce, in a manner that complements the social platforms user experience.

When you develop a web design that integrates social media, then you can feel confident that more users will find and interact with what you have to offer. No matter the type of product or service you have, integrating social media is a smart move.

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