Ensure Your Family Has a Wonderful Smile With a Visit to the Dentists in Stratford CT

Having healthy teeth for the rest of your life begins when you are young. As a parent it is important to teach your children about their teeth and how to keep them clean. It is also important to educate them about dentists and how regular visits can keep their teeth healthy and their smile looking beautiful. To make this task a little easier you should find a dentist that treats the whole family. This way your children will feel safer going to the same dentist that mom and dad do. Plus, you will feel better because you know how the dentist handles their patients. These are just a few more steps in easing the fear that every child has about visiting the Dentists Stratford CT.

Some of the most common procedures that the dentist performs are used to improve the look of your teeth. The highest among of these is teeth whitening. The process works by placing a gel or paste of carbamide peroxide over the teeth. The carbamide interacts with the moisture in your mouth and changes into hydrogen peroxide. It is this chemical reaction that actually causes the stains to disappear. However, teeth whitening isn’t for everyone. For example, teeth with veneers, caps or crowns won’t whiten since the porcelain or other dental material doesn’t collect stains like enamel and dentin does.

Another process that can greatly improve a smile is dental veneers. A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is placed over the visible teeth. Since they only cover the front teeth they aren’t the same as caps or crowns although they function well when eating. Veneers are used for a variety of dental problems including crooked teeth, misshapen teeth and unevenly sized teeth. Modern veneer application is usually handled in two visits, unlike older methods that required multiple appointments for filing and shaping the teeth. In fact, there is little, if any filing of the teeth with today’s veneer techniques. Dental veneers can do more than just improve your smile, they can boost your self-image.


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