Tips To Finding A USA To India Courier

Most people understand that they need something more than a simple shipping company when they run a business, but it can be difficult to know how to select a courier that ships items from the USA to India. However, there are some helpful tips that can make choosing your next new courier simple and easier than ever before.

Food Items

Many shipping companies tend to turn away food items from being shipped because they can spoil, and the company doesn’t want to be liable for people getting ill. However, couriers usually have the proper tools and equipment to get your food items sent to their destination on time and still fresh. You may want to contact the company to ensure they can handle food shipments from the USA to India, especially if the items must be cold or may spoil quickly.

It is easy to find out if couriers handle food items because they will mention those shipments on their website.


Finding a company that is flexible can be helpful. You may not understand all the small rules and regulations that are required for shipping to overseas countries, but couriers will. Therefore, you can use their expertise to send the items. While the couriers should be flexible with their shipments, you may be required to be flexible as well. Many times, large or bulky items must be sent by ocean freight, which could take longer or special rules may not allow dangerous goods on specific days or in certain months, so you’ll need to be accommodating.


Most couriers tend to offer flat-rate shipping whenever possible, which can save you money. If your items do fit in a particularly-sized box, you may ship those items for that price. However, prices may rise based on where the items are going and what is being shipped, and you may also pay higher prices if you must expedite the items, so they are delivered on time.

Because you are shipping items from the USA to India, you will be dealing with Indian customs agents and must adhere to their rules. While the courier you select can help you with paperwork, you may be required to pay import tax or other fees, so it is important to understand this and be ready for the situation, though most couriers will provide those prices as included in the overall price to avoid confusion.

A courier that ships items from the USA to India is important for almost any international business. Fastway Worldwide Express India understands this and does their best to make everything simple and easy.

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