Tips for Working with Exhibit Builders

When you are planning to work with exhibit builders in preparation for your next trade show here are some details you will want to discuss with them. Knowing the information you will need to consider will help you provide clear direction to your exhibit builders.

You may be attending the trade show to raise awareness about your product, or you might have closing some serious deals in mind. Understanding the purpose of attending the trade show will help you offer better direction to your exhibit builders. For closing deals you want to set up a table and quiet area for each of your reps. For raising awareness you want a more open exhibit, an area for demos or displays and plenty of seating for reps to sit and chat with people about your offerings.

Branding and Image
There are many messages you can send within a few seconds with your exhibit. Knowing what you want to convey will help with the design of the booth. Not all businesses are focused on brand equity, but a trade show is the perfect opportunity to start building your brand image. Work with your logo and a catchy line to draw people in. You can include some displays and posters similar to that you would find in a museum that will draw people in and allow them to read quickly what you have to offer. Reflect your products, shops or services in the exhibit so it is clear at a glance what you do. Use easy to read fonts, keep it simple and appeal to people’s emotions to create interest, communicate clearly and engage passersby. Come up with an image that will reflect your business sense, from casual lounge areas with sofas and coffee tables to funky “bar” style seating with stools and counters.

Come to the table with a budget in mind and discuss your budget before you get started. Exhibit builders will have many things to sell and if they know up front you have limited funds they will focus on what you need first and then discuss the more exciting aspects once you have the basics down pat. Bring examples of booths you might see online so they can get an idea of your expectations as well as the look and feel you are hoping to accomplish.

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