Professional Shredding Services In San Diego

Even though we live in the digital age, your business still produces a good amount of paperwork throughout the year. While you may have had a “Green” initiative to cut down on the amount of paper that you use at work, there is still a need to keep paper files on customers and clients. Sure, there are computer programs that keep information for your business, but paper files are vital both for their convenience, and their thoroughness. With this said, you are not going to keep these files indefinitely. If you are no longer working with a client, or you have information in a file that you no longer need, you are going to want to clear out room in your file cabinet to make space for new clients, and the ever expanding amount of paperwork that your company collects.

When you need to get rid of your old files to make way for new ones, simply throwing them out is not going to do. The information that is contained in the files includes items like credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and the social security numbers of your clients. It is irresponsible, and even illegal, to simply dispose of files in some dumpster where they could be found by those looking to commit identity theft. Criminals will look through dumpsters to find this type of information; the only way to make sure that they don’t get it is to make sure that your files are thoroughly shredded. When you have thousands of files that need to be shredded, you need to call out professionals who specialize in Shredding Services in San Diego like Shred Confidential.

Not only does Shred Confidential specialize in taking care of sensitive materials that needs to be properly “destroyed” before they is thrown out, they can come to your office to do it. With their mobile shredding services, you can call Shred Confidential to bring their Shredding Services in San Diego to you, meaning that you don’t have to go out of your way to rent a truck and drive to their facility. Not only is this convenient, but Shred Confidential can also supply “Proof Of Destruction”, which you may need to prove that you are following state laws.


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