Tips for Using Stain Pad Applicator

A stain pad applicator is a use that is quite straightforward and functional for staining the deck. It comes with the control of a brush and the speed of a sprayer. Thanks to its quicker and easier coverage, it is ideal when you need to cover large areas such as smooth boards.

A list of some tips regarding the applicator can make it even easier for you to use for your chores.

Rinse the Pad Before Use

The paint and stain pad applicator is known to shed some of its fibers from the pad if it is used fresh. That is why it is advised to wash the pad with some running water and then dry it for a while. You can put the applicator to use as soon as it is rinsed and dried.

Gap Staining

Some of the deck boards are apart, and they need staining in the gaps. Otherwise, aesthetic issues can arise. Use a 12-inch stain pad applicator to stain the sides of the board. To get to the maximum depth of the deck boards, you have to add more inches to the gap tool. You can do so by removing the stain pad and giving it a new position.

Double-Ended Stain Pad Applicator

If you are facing trouble while applying stain to the complicated spots, you can use the double-ended stain pad applicator to help you with that. This tool is quite useful when you realize you missed a spot or didn’t do a spot correctly. The finishing touch achieved with this applicator is rich and professional.

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