Tips For Buying A Submersible Pump

by | May 12, 2022 | Machinery & Tools

There are many different makes and models of submersible pumps for industrial and commercial use. Companies in and around New York should always consider their options when replacing an old submersible pump or adding a new pump to their system.

All pumps of this type are designed to operate when they are under water. As the pump itself is submerged, it must be engineered and manufactured to prevent any water or moisture from getting into the housing and damaging the parts and components. Cheap pumps may seem like a good deal, but they require constant replacing and can fail at critical times, resulting in downtime and loss of productivity and revenue.

Consider Pump Design

The ideal submersible pump has several levels of additional design that make it reliable and ensure a long duty cycle. A seal failure device is a critical component as it prevents damage to the motor of the pump when it is in use or when submerged and not in use.

The design should also include the necessary features. For example, many submersible pump models must have an agitator to keep any solids suspended and dispersed in the liquid. Fewer design elements other than the basic requirements is always desirable as there are fewer parts to wear during the operation of the pump.

Choosing the correct size of pump is another factor to consider. Often the wrong size of pump leads to increased failures and more downtime for the New York company that is both preventable and unnecessary.

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