Tips for Small Bathroom Remodeling in Kansas City

Small bathrooms can be challenging. Attempting to make everything fit into the available space can be quite difficult. Some of the specific challenges faced include ensuring the sinks and toilets are up to code, providing enough clearance for the shower, and ensuring a convenient location for toilet paper and towels. Regardless of the challenges, there is hope for small bathrooms, especially with the tips found here for small bathroom remodeling.

Use a Corner Sink
There are some cases when even the popular pedestal sink can interfere with the traffic lane in a small bathroom. If this is the case, installing a corner sink right across from the toilet is likely the best option.

Utilize a Shower Curtain
Shower curtains will move, allowing more flexible space than a fixed, glass shower door. In most cases, the shower-tub combo will fit into small bathrooms properly, ensuring there is still plenty of room to move around.

Consider a Floating Vanity
Save valuable floor space in a small bathroom by installing a floating vanity a few feet off the floor. When planning for Kansas City bathroom remodeling, this tip can leave free space for storage or other essential features.

Use Larger Patterns
Large stripes, cubes, or polka dots can help to trick a person’s eyes into thinking the space is bigger than it actually is. While the square footage may be the same, the bathroom will actually feel much bigger.

Install a Larger Mirror
In any tight space, including a small bathroom, installing a mirror that stretches completely across the way, rather than just over the vanity, will help the space look bigger. It will also make the bathroom more useful since more than one person can use the mirror at a time.

Kansas City Remodel & Handyman Allen offers effective bathroom remodel services. There are a number of features that can be utilized, making your bath space useful and functional. Take the time to consider all the tips here when planning this type of remodel to make the most of all the space present in the small bathroom in the home.

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