Tips for Choosing Self Storage in Baltimore

There are many options available when it comes to self storage, so you can be sure that your college age child will have plenty of options. Read on below for some of the self storage in Baltimore options your child can choose when summer rolls around and they can come home.

Storage Space at the University

Some colleges actually offer storage space for their students that go home on summer break. Many have storage lockers in their basements or some even have it in their attics for students to store their belongings when they go home for the summer months.

Hire a Service

There are so many options for college students today that there are now services that will deliver a care package to your child and pick up things such as bikes and unwieldy items that need to be stored. All of this will happen at the end of finals week so that your college student need not be bothered and stressed with figuring out where they want to store their belongings. You will have it all taken care of for them and they can concentrate on acing their finals. Any parent of a college age kid can tell you that their possessions tend to double over the school year, leaving them very little choice when it comes time to come home for the summer, but to look into self storage services in Baltimore.

Rent a Self Storage Unit

You can also rent a self-storage unit to store your child’s belongings in over the summer. Most colleges have many self-storage locations nearby. Make sure that your child chooses one that is close to the dorms for easy travel when they start loading stuff up to stick in the storage unit. You can usually make arrangements for this type of stuff for your child over the phone or they can run down and make the arrangements themselves.

These are just a few tips for getting your child proper storage during summer break. For more information on storage options, you can visit S and E Mini Storage today and they can answer all of your questions.

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