Three Ways to Prepare Your Pampered Pooch for Grooming at a Puppy Salon

Regularly grooming your dog is essential. Indoor dogs, for example, do not have the opportunity to file down their nails because they are not running around on concrete throughout the day. Dogs with long hair must be brushed regularly. Otherwise, their coats get dirty and tangled. Even those with shorter hair can get messy. Therefore, a regular pet grooming appointment is recommended. Here are three ways to prepare your dog for pet grooming in Great Falls, MT.

Dogs are intelligent species of animals. Even though they are domesticated, they have not lost their instincts. When something is unfamiliar, they aim to explore it. They paw at it, and they wait to see what happens. If it could potentially harm them, they keep a distance. If there is no danger, they proceed. When you drop off your dog at the groomer, they are being dropped off into unfamiliar territory. The equipment used to clean them is not complicated, but if the groomer accidentally cuts into the nail quick, the memory of the pain connected with the material is ingrained. So, consider familiarizing them with the equipment.

Try a Practice Run
Groomers have seen an array of reactions from dogs during grooming services, so they are ready for just about everything. Some will allow a practice run. It helps the dogs that show anxiety over being left behind, and it helps you, too. For some, the first time is the toughest. After that, they extend their comfort zone to include professional grooming.

Prepare Paperwork
Groomers require proof of rabies shots for their safety as well as that of the rest of the pets there. Before the first appointment, be sure to have your dog’s rabies paperwork proof ready to show to the grooming professionals. Once you get your pampered pooch prepared for a day of pet grooming in Great Falls, MT, you might find that it enjoys the experience.

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