Three Things You Need to Know About Heavy Equipment Transport in Atlanta, GA

Towing for heavy equipment is a lot different than towing for lightweight vehicles. If you are in the need of a towing company that offers heavy equipment transport in Atlanta, GA, these three tips should help you determine which company is right for you.

The Most Common Types of Heavy Equipment

When people think of heavy equipment in Atlanta, GA, they often think of industrial or construction equipment. But many other types of equipment fall under this umbrella, including military, mining, oilfield and many types of commercial equipment. Some transport companies specialize in certain types of heavy equipment, but will not transport others.

Special Trailers for Heavy Equipment

When you require transport for heavy equipment, you will most likely need a specialized trailer to haul the equipment. In many circumstances, local and state laws require special permits for transport, as well. When you are discussing heavy equipment transport in Atlanta, GA, you will need to make sure that the specialized trailers and permits are taken care of by the company transporting your equipment.

License and Insurance

No matter how wonderful the transport company you ultimately choose is, an accident could occur on the way to the final destination. It might not even be the transport company’s fault. A car could pull out in front of them and cause a crash. But regardless of who is to blame, it is important that the company taking care of your heavy equipment is both licensed and insured in order to protect your valuable products.

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