Teaching Kids to Love Learning

At our Millburn preschool, we believe in letting kids have fun while they learn and choose what activities they feel passionate about. The Montessori method was developed so that children could concentrate and spend their time on things they wanted to learn instead of things they were being forced to learn. Give your child the chance to get a jumpstart on their overall education by allowing them to learn in an environment that nourishes their natural passions for learning.

Relaxed Classroom Environment

One of the most significant aspects of our schools is that children have the opportunity to choose what activities they want to partake in every day. Although the atmosphere of the classroom is a relaxed one, our staff of educators is full of teachers who have spent more than ten years of their careers developing the minds of young children. Our curriculum also includes activities that bring students together to help both their cognitive and social growth.

Extensive & Diverse Curriculum

Education goes above and beyond math, science and history classes. Whether your child has a knack for arts and crafts or has a penchant for cooking and household activities, we have an extensive curriculum and all the tools your child needs to excel in any area of their education. Some children may want to learn how to write more clearly while others may want to focus their time on harnessing their motor skills with household activities like pouring and gripping different items.

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