Three Reasons Your Child Needs to See a Neurologist in Brick, NJ

Has your pediatrician or family doctor recommended that your child see a neurologist in Brick, NJ? While seeing a neurologist doesn’t necessarily mean that anything serious is wrong with your child, it’s important to have them evaluated if there are any concerns. Here are three of the most common reasons for children to a pediatric neurologist in NJ.

Behavioral or Developmental Disorders

You might think that behavioral and developmental disorders are the domain of a psychiatrist, but disorders like autism and ADHD also have neurological components. A pediatric neurologist can help your child better manage their symptoms.

Seizure Disorders

Another common reason for children to visit a pediatric neurologist in NJ is epilepsy and other seizure disorders. Early intervention for childhood seizures is important because they can lead to brain damage or injuries.

Chronic or Severe Headaches

Headaches are a scary symptom in children, but most often they are caused by a benign condition like food or medication sensitivity, skipping meals or dehydration. They can also be a sign of something more serious, so it’s important to see a neurologist in Brick, NJ, if your child suffers from frequent headaches.

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