Three Reasons for Electromagnetic Testing and Why It’s Important

Electronics can have an often-unseen effect on us and other equipment. If tuned a certain way, they have the ability to emit an above-average amount of radiated emissions – in other words, electromagnetic interference.

This is the reason why these products are put under an electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test. Here are three reasons why EMC reviews are important.

1. Maximizes operations

Manufacturers rent amplifiers & antennas in C-band options to ensure that their products can still function under certain circumstances – for example, where electromagnetic fields are high or intersect each other.

Tests are also made to ensure that the microwaves of a traveling-wave tube (TWT) setup, usually mobile or satellite communications, don’t cause interference. In this situation, an RF amplifier is used to measure the oscillation of the TWT for any interactions.

2. Maintain the strength of power supplies

Another reason why companies rent amplifiers & antennas in C-band options is to test their power supplies. As load is added to the UPS or other supplier, this can increase emissions. While circuitry within the power supply helps minimize them, spikes can cause issues with other machinery.

3. Maintain a vehicle’s internal computer

RF amplifiers are used here to ensure a vehicle’s on-board computer isn’t affected by other components in the car or from the outside. By hooking vehicles to RF amplifiers, a tester can see the peaks and valleys of distortion and tweak the car’s systems. In other cases, it may be necessary to replace components giving off too many EMC emissions.

Does your power supply or vehicle work sluggishly when it comes in contact with heavy electromagnetic fields? Then it may need to be tested. Take your car or UPS to a dealer or shop for an EMC test. In the end, you and your products will feel and work better.

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