Three Major Reasons for Hiring a Public Adjuster in Long Island

Hiring a competent and reputable public adjuster in Long Island is almost mandatory after suffering serious structure damage, or contents loss from your property. A public adjuster helps you to get full and fair settlement from your insurer. The task of establishing, managing and presenting partial loss on your property to the insurance company is not easy.

The burden of proof

After suffering partial damage to your property, your insurance policy leaves the burden of proof to you. You have to document and prove that the damage really occurred, and that the insurance company should compensate you a fair amount for it. The insurance company is ready to help you with the recovery process but you have to document and provide proof of the loss effectively. This is where the help of a public adjuster comes in.

Main reasons for hiring a public adjuster in Long Island

There are three main reasons why you should hire a public adjuster after a disaster:

Getting over the grief period

After suffering traumatic loss following a disaster, you find it hard to move on. This is because the insurance company expects you to prove the damage or loss, yet this is the time when you are enduring grief and stress after the disaster.

To help counter the difficulties of this situation, you should hire a public adjuster to guide you through your insurance claim properly. The public adjuster will not only help you with your claim, but with emotional burdens as well.

Maximizing your settlement

The aim of a public adjuster is to ensure that you recover the loss suffered after a disaster. They ensure that your property gets back to the way it was before the disaster. Although there are reputable insurance companies, most of them look for any reason to deny your claim, or to pay you an amount that is well below the amount stated in your policy.

A reputable public adjuster in Long Island will work with you to ensure that you get maximum and fair compensation for your loss. Since they are experienced in handling insurance claims, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will not lose your claim.

Public adjusters are paid from the amount recovered

Public adjusters are paid on their service. This implies that you will pay the public adjuster an agreed percentage of the amount recovered. For this reason, the public adjuster does everything possible to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for your damage.

Services of a public adjuster in Long Island are very important for property owners who want to get maximum and fair compensation for their loss. Visit Rubin & Rosen Adjuster, Inc. for more details.

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