Frozen Feeder Rats: Why You Should Switch

If you’re the owner of a predatory pet who is in need of rats or mice for meals, you may think that feeding live prey is the best way to go. While this is a common thought, it is also a common misconception. While snakes are forced to hunt live prey in the wild, using Frozen Feeder Rats that are pre-killed is actually safer for your pet and more humane when working in a caged environment. While your local pet store may not offer a wide selection of pre-frozen rats and mice for your convenience, you can now place your order online to take care of your pet’s needs in just a few clicks.

Live Prey Concerns
One of the main reasons that many snake owners switch from live prey to frozen feeder rats is that feeding live rats or mice to your snake can sometimes be dangerous. If the prey isn’t quickly killed by your snake, tension can start to escalate in the cage. This means that the prey may start to fight back and wound your pet in the process. While the injuries may not be serious, they can easily become infected and garner a costly visit to the vet.

Various Sizes Available
When it comes to buying frozen feeder rats online, one size certainly doesn’t fit all. You’ll have access to a much larger selection of rats and mice on the web than you would if you visited a pet store for prey. From extremely small baby mice that are ideal for smaller reptiles to colossal rats that weigh upwards of 400g, you’re sure to find the best option for your pet when ordering frozen prey on the web.

Professional Sources
Be sure to educate yourself about the processes used from the company you’re buying from. For example, your feeder rats should be vacuum sealed to maintain freshness and eliminate the possibility of freezer burn. By doing some quick research on the company you’re thinking about ordering from, you can learn more about their processes and standards to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality product that you can feel confident about feeding to your pet.

If you’re looking for a wide selection of pre-frozen prey for your snake or raptor, visit website. With rats and mice ranging in size from 3g to 400g+, you can quickly and easily place your order directly through their website for convenient and safe delivery.

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