Three Big Winners in Guns For Sale in Michigan from 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, it is time to revisit the year and take a solid look at some of the best hunting rifles to be released. Below are some of the more critical acclaimed pieces, as well as some general specs about them. These are prime examples of equipment that boast a fair price but also pack some serious firepower to make hunting both more thrilling and more challenging.

X-Bolt Micro Buckthorn: Truthfully, this Guns For Sale in Michigan is not the most powerful one out there. But it makes the list because of its accessibility. Firstly, it is less than a thousand bucks anywhere. Further, it is extremely lightweight and is an excellent entry level choice. It is only 13 inches in length, which gives it a tight little frame. Oh, and the standard model is pink. It is not for everyone, but it’s a nice approachable little piece.

Colt M2012: This rifle is the exact polar opposite of X-Bolts answer for the new hunter. This is not an entry level rifle by any means, and at close to $3,500, it may not be an entry level gun for millionaires. All sarcasm aside, a buyer gets what they pay for. This thing is a beast, with both .308 and .260 model options. But it also looks gorgeous. It has a chrome moley steel build and a match-grade barrel that is finally coated in an incredible desert tan skin.

Badlands Magnum: This is not a traditional gun, of course, so it bucks the status quo here of sticking to rifles. But what makes the Badlands Magnum such a great choice from the year is its long range capabilities. It has a 25 inch weight barrel which gives it a hefty build. Only for professionals.

A lot of these rifles from the year, including ones not on this list, are listed for Guns For Sale in Michigan. But these 2014 models will likely be on sale allowing new and seasoned hunters to save a bit on expensive equipment for the hunt. Click here to find more in the local inventory.




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