Three Additional Services a Dry Cleaner Provides

You already know that your local dry cleaner uses special equipment to clean your clothes. These professionals come in handy for busy individuals who do not have time to do their own laundry and wear business clothing on a consistent basis. If you own pricier pieces that cannot be laundered in your washing machine, this is who you take them to for cleaning. Your local dry cleaner can also complete alterations and repairs in Edmonton.

Here are three more services your dry cleaner offers.

Wet Cleaning

When you take your clothes to the dry cleaner, the staff does not literally use a dry clean. Some clothes, due to material or construction, cannot be washed in a washing machine because it will cause damage. Most often, this means that materials can shrink or things can tear. Adornments can fall off, too. In addition to dry cleaning, a cleaner can wet clean your clothes as well. The process is efficient and uses environmentally-friendly techniques that include water, gentle detergents and fabric conditioners that will not ruin your items. Professionals believe wet cleaning is more effective than hand washing and produces optimal results.


Bridal dresses and other gowns that have layers of fabric of varying kinds as well as adornments cannot be washed in your machine or by hand. Dry cleaners are the place where you want to take them to cleaned. Their process helps preserve the gowns, and they top off the service with a thorough press. Your gowns are returned to you in packaging that allows them to maintain their shape.


A dry cleaner is a convenient clothing cleaner because they can freshen them up and provide alterations and repairs in Edmonton. They can clean and mend them in the same time frame.

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