It’s Easy to Start Your Personal Injury Case With a Phone Call or Email

The Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman, LLC is here to help people recover damages for the injuries that they suffered after being injured in an accident that was caused by somebody else. In protecting our clients’ interests, we focus on every one of them as an individual, and we see every case as being unique. Given our team approach, we maintain continual contact with our clients by personal or phone conferences, email, and U.S. mail. It’s that contact that helps clients make informed decisions on their cases.

We also provide free consultations and case assessments to accident victims without any out-of-pocket costs to them. In fact, our personal injury attorneys in Chicago don’t even charge any legal fees unless we obtain a settlement or award on a client’s behalf.

After a severe or catastrophic injury or a wrongful death, the financial and emotional burdens might make the legalities of it all a secondary concern. That’s exactly how the insurer of the person who caused your injuries or losses wants you to look at it. If you wait long enough, evidence might get lost or destroyed, and witnesses might vanish into thin air. All of that only works to the opposing insurer’s advantage.

The process of retaining our personal injury attorneys in Chicago to represent you for injuries suffered in an accident begins with a phone conference. After that, we might schedule an in-person appointment. If we enter into a retainer agreement, we will start ordering appropriate records, reports, bills and the like. How long the legal process takes depends on the nature and extent of your injuries. You can call the Law Office of Daniel E. Goodman, LLC to arrange for that free consultation at 847-292-6000, or you can use our contact form. Remember that time is of the essence in any personal injury or wrongful death case.

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