Thinking about Keeping Tropical Fish in Westchester?

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Keeping tropical fish in Westchester can be a relaxing and exciting past time. For the beginner, it is important to seek the advice of a good local expert who can help you to set up your first fish tank and choose low maintenance fish. As you gain experience with keeping your fish healthy and your tank clean, you can upgrade and add more fish.

There are several types of tropical fish you can start with, but it is generally recommended that you purchase a tank and set it up in advance of choosing any fish. Your tank needs to “cycle” after you set it up. The tank is set up and the water is added and you add the appropriate tank chemicals to ensure the water is “habitable and safe” for fish. The water in the tank should be left to cycle for between 4-;6 weeks before it becomes stable and ready to receive your fish.

Your tank should be set up in a good location, not too close to windows (heat and sun or cold air) and where you can still view the fish swimming in the tank. Once your tank is ready for fish, you can start buying Tropical Fish in Westchester County, NY to be placed in the tank. Ask advice at the store for a few low maintenance fish to start off with. As you start adding fish to your tank, you may need to let them float at the surface for a few days to get used to the other fish in the tank before they are finally released.

Once you start taking care of Tropical Fish in Westchester County NY, you will probably soon see it is an extremely addictive hobby you are sure to enjoy. Many moments of relaxation can be spent just gazing into your fish tank, observing the fish swimming around in their environment. The more natural you can make that environment, the better the overall effect of the tank will be. For example, some people add live plants their fish can feed on, or that reclusive fish can hide in. Decorating the tank is half the fun.

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