Elderly Care and Senior Living Retirement Communities in Davenport, IA Provides Care With Dignity

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Health Care

No one likes to think of the time when our aging parents will require more care than we can provide for them. First we find that they can’t continue living by themselves so we have them move in with us. As time passes the tension in the family starts to build up as the needs of our parents continue to grow. Eventually we will have to come to the decision that they could be cared for better if we could find a retirement facility that we feel we can trust them to.

The Elderly Care and Senior Living Retirement Communities in Davenport IA is just such a facility. This is a place that has beautiful homes for their residents. They have the services to ensure that proper care is maintained while providing an active and high quality lifestyle. This allows each individual to maintain a level of privacy so that they can keep their sense of dignity and individuality.

Each of the residents has unique needs and expectations which is why this facility offers each resident choices in the amount of assistance they need in their new home. Their apartments range in size from 403 to 773 and includes a spacious kitchenette and large private bathrooms. The apartment is furnished with the personal furniture and personal items that the new resident is familiar and comfortable with. Below is a list of the amenities each apartment includes:

1. Large bathrooms with walk-in showers with grab bars and linen closets

2. Kitchenettes with a full size refrigerator and even a microwave oven

3. Walk-in closets with storage space

4. TV, telephone and internet connections in both the living room and bedrooms

5. Window treatments

6. Heat and air condition units with individual controls

7. Sprinkler systems and smoke and fire detectors

8. All utilities included in the monthly rent (phone service, expanded cable service, electric, gas and water)

This is the kind of facility that can make sure that our elderly parents are well cared for while also making sure that they retain as much individuality and privacy as they, so long as it does’t compromise their health. They have activities with other residents that are designed to keep their minds and bodies active and their social skills working as much as the resident wants. For more info visit Garnerfarms.com

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