Things to Consider When Adding Lettering to Your Truck in Lancaster, PA

If you have a commercial truck, it certainly makes sense that at some point you will want to add lettering to the exterior of it. In fact, you may have to add truck lettering Lancaster, PA, before it even gets on the road. Here are some of the top things to consider before doing so.

Types Of Fonts

You may not think so, but the type of font you use matters a great deal when placed on your commercial vehicle. For one thing, it should match the spirit of the company. For example, you probably do not want to use Olde English font to advertise your technology company. It just doesn’t fit with the aim of the company. In fact, unless you are placing your company logo on the side of the vehicle, you want to use the most basic lettering style possible. This ensures that people can read it from a distance.

Mandatory Information

If you have a commercial vehicle, you will need to display your Department of Transportation registration numbers conspicuously displayed in full view. The numbers need to be able to be read by law enforcement so it is crucial that they displayed in a clear and readable manner.

Contrasting Displays

Make sure that any colors you use for the truck lettering Lancaster, PA, sufficiently contrast against the background used. The easiest and most foolproof way to do this is simply to use black and white colors.

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