Some of the Reasons Why You May Need Dental Extractions in Parker, CO

Hearing that you need a tooth extraction can be a scary thing. However, you do need to remember that tooth extractions are fairly common. Here are some of the reasons why you may need dental extractions in Parker, CO.


In some instances, patients have a tooth that’s impacted and needs to be removed. This is quite common with wisdom teeth. It’s best to remove these teeth when they are causing pain or damage to existing teeth. If the tooth is fully impacted, the dentist will need to cut a slit in the patient’s gum to remove the tooth. If it has partially erupted, the dentist may be able to extract it without having to cut any gum tissue.

Tooth Decay

When a patient has severe tooth decay, the dentist may not always be able to save the tooth. They will need to extract the tooth so that they can keep the patient’s mouth from getting infected or the tooth from causing extreme pain. The tooth can be replaced with an implant or partial.

Traumatic Injury

After an accident, fall or some other type of traumatic injury that involves the mouth, a patient may have such severe damage that they need to have one or more teeth extracted. Once these teeth are extracted, the dentist can provide a wide variety of cosmetic options to replace these teeth.

Dr. Holly B. Sletten, DMD provides a wide variety of dental services including dental extractions in Parker, CO. In order to ensure that her patients are as comfortable as possible, she offers oral sedation and nitrous oxide as well. Contact Dr. Holly B. Sletten, DMD at to learn more.

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