Things that Lead to AC Repair in Jacksonville

Just like most places on earth, Jacksonville, in the sunshine state of Florida, enjoys 4 seasons throughout the year. Annual high temperature average is 86 degrees while the average low is around 60 degrees However, there are extremes when the weather can be as cold as below freezing to over 100 degrees when the heat is on, you don’t want to be scrambling for AC repair in Jacksonville.

Comfortable in the Heat

As we see, temperatures during the hot and dry months get to over 86 ℉ and it can be humid as well. Once you come home, possibly after working in an air-conditioned office or enjoying life outdoors, you want to escape the heat. Localized cooling equipment like a pedestal or a ceiling fan and a water cooler can serve the purpose, but the more efficient central cooling device is an air conditioner that offers cooling in multiple rooms around the house.

The Equipment

Air conditioners keep you cool during the dry and hot months so you are comfortable in your home, but it is a fact that they do not last forever. Mechanical things have a habit of breaking down sometimes and this is when you are looking for AC repair in Jacksonville. Regular preventive maintenance lessens the chance of the equipment breaking down at a crucial time when you most need it to work efficiently. Health emergencies may arise in these situations, especially at the peak of summer.

Mechanical Things do Breakdown

Many parts in the air conditioner can break down. Internal parts like the condenser seal, fan assembly belt or the Freon gas conveyor pipe seal for example, or it can be with something external like the duct work inside your house or the thermostat, electrical issues, regulator issue or other small electronic components, any of which can fail.

Whether it is installing a new device or taking care of an existing air conditioner – AirMcCall can help. An important component of their business is AC repair in Jacksonville and they can be contacted for emergency repairs too. They are a family owned business that has been serving the Jacksonville area for over 25 years and carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Give them a call today at 904-288-6110.

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