The Upper East Side: A Family Affair

New York is a city like no other. Daily, it offers its denizens fascinating experiences and unparalleled comfort appealing to every member of the family—which perhaps explains why it’s becoming so popular with families large and small. The city’s neighborhoods are growing quickly, and those looking to settle down and raise a family within their borders will find few places as uniquely eclectic as Manhattan’s Upper East Side. There, the luxury of the apartments combines with a diverse and dynamic neighborhood to create an ideal environment for any family to grow in.

For the kids

Excellent schools, amazing attractions, and great family restaurants mean your kids will always have something to do. The Upper East Side is home to several top-rated schools, both private and public, located throughout the neighborhood. And when the work is done, it’s time for fun in Manhattan’s parks, zoos, science centers, sports arenas, and countless other great attractions throughout the borough. When all that playing leads to big appetites, you can treat the family to a meal and dessert at one of many great family-friendly restaurants. And with trains and busses leading right from the Upper East Side and its luxury apartments, you’re always connected.

Date night

While the kids are away, the parents will play. Date nights in Manhattan promise unforgettable experiences already, but for a truly unique time you don’t even have to leave the neighborhood. Experience Central Park together from the seat of a horse-drawn carriage. Take a trip down Fifth Avenue and explore the Museum Mile. See art collections from around the world. Share a romantic dinner at your choice of restaurant. Here, it’s easy to make such incredible memories so close to home.

Making a home

Taking in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood is a great way to spend an afternoon, but at the end of the day you and your family may desire the comforts of home. Life here means clean, quiet neighborhoods, a strong community, and complete relaxation and comfort. The Upper East Side provides luxury apartments that can accommodate your family no matter what its size, offering all the freedom and security of home, complete with fantastic amenities and services to make your life easier.

The Upper East Side truly offers something for the entire family, whether young or old, child or parent. It’s easy to find a comfortable, quiet, spacious residence here while still enjoying all the city has to offer, making it an ideal place for any family. The word is out, and the community of the Upper East Side is growing. If you’re thinking of making a move down here, there’s no better time.

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