The Right Wedding Card Can Make All the Difference

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Weddings

Choosing your wedding card may seem like a small detail in comparison to the other myriad elements of your nuptials, but selecting the perfect invitation can be a key aspect of your wedding for both you and your guests. Aside from being beautiful and functional, the perfect announcement can also help prepare everyone for an experience that is sure to be memorable.

Necessary Knowledge

Most importantly, your wedding invitation gives your guests the important information they need to know about your ceremony. The date of your wedding, the location, time of the ceremony, menu selections, or the required attire are only a few examples of details that could be included on your invitation. This information can help attendees plan accordingly to attend your nuptials.


Your announcement is the notice your guests need so that they can arrange travel plans, reserve a hotel room, ask for time off work, locate the right gift, or start the search for a perfect dress. An invite can also serve as a reminder for attendees as the date approaches, so that they don’t forget to come and wish you well in your marriage. Sending out invites as soon as possible can give guests the time they need to arrange to be a part your big day.

First Impressions

Your invitation is often the first impression guests will have of you as a couple. Family and friends both near and far should be able to discern a little about your significant other and your upcoming wedding from the style and tone of your invite. Stylish and tasteful announcements can impress your attendees and make them excited to attend your ceremony.


Invites can not only notify your attendees of important information like when and where, it can also assist you as you plan seating arrangements, caterer costs, menu choices, and number of attendees. A wedding card that asks guests to RSVP for meals or attendance can help while you plan the numerous decisions that go into your wedding.

Special Memento

Your wedding card can be a sweet souvenir to keep and cherish for years to come. It is likely that close loved ones will want to save their invites as well, and the perfect card can help bring back special memories as time passes.

Your ideal wedding card can be an important and special component of your perfect wedding. Making sure that you choose the right wedding card can make for a special experience for both the happy couple and the guests. Browse & check out our collection!


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