Ways Dentists in Waikoloa can use Dental Veneers to Improve the Appearance of Teeth

Many times when a person is unhappy with the way their teeth appear, the issues they have can be substantial cosmetic issues. Sometimes the teeth may be discolored due to medical conditions or the use of certain prescription medications. Unfortunately, whitening treatments will not correct these issues and this can be upsetting to the patient. While the teeth may be healthy, they may just have an unsightly appearance. In these types of situations, it can be beneficial to see Dentists Waikoloa about dental veneers.

By using dental veneers, a patient will be able to have the cosmetic issues fixed, while retaining their natural tooth. This is possible because, rather than removing the discolored tooth, dental veneers involve having a thin porcelain shell placed over the tooth to cover the discoloration. This can be a great solution to the problem.

When a patient first sees a dentist about this type of issue, the dentist will need to spend some time examining the patient’s teeth. He or she will be looking to ensure there are no other issues causing the teeth to appear unsightly. Once they have determined the tooth is healthy, they can begin the dental veneer process.

The dentist will first need to remove a thin layer of enamel from the teeth, which are due to have the veneers. This is done to ensure the veneer will fit smoothly against the gumline and be in line with the patient’s other teeth.

Once this is done, the dentist will need to take a mold of the teeth affected. From this mold, the veneers will be created by an outside lab. The dentist will need to spend some time comparing different porcelain color samples with the patient’s natural teeth. This is important so the veneers blend in with the patient’s other teeth.

After these choices have been made, it will take a bit of time for the veneers to be created and returned to the dentist. When the veneers arrive, the dentist will first clean the patient’s teeth and then permanently affix the veneers to the affected teeth. Visit website for more information.

This can be an ideal way to fix discoloration issues, with a patient’s teeth. By having dental veneers, the natural teeth remain intact. The discolored areas are simply covered up. For more information, please contact Business Name.

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