The Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Waxing in Omaha, NE

It seems that the old saying is true, and beauty is pain. It can be especially painful to get rid of unwanted facial hair, such as eyebrow hairs. For many years, the only option was to shave the hair on the eyebrows, which is not easy to do, or to pluck out each individual hair, which takes a lot of time and is quite painful. Then, a new method of facial hair removal was introduced to the world: having brows waxed. While this process is a bit painful, the pain only lasts for a few seconds because all of the unwanted hairs are removed at once.

There are both pros and cons to having eyebrow waxing in Omaha, NE. One of the best things about having brows waxed is that it is more comfortable than other methods of facial hair removal, both because it is less painful and because it leaves the skin softer and smoother. Unlike shaving, which leaves the hair roots intact and can be irritating or itchy, waxing removes the entire hair and the roots. When hair grows back in, it is softer and thinner, and easier to remove again. It is also a lot faster to wax than to pluck. It can take over a half an hour to pluck both eyebrows, but a skin care technician can wax them in under 15 minutes. It doesn’t cost much more to have brows professionally waxed than to do it at home, so why not get pampered for a few minutes.

It is important to have eyebrow waxing in Omaha done by professionals who are trained estheticians. It can be dangerous to do anything around the eyes, and when hot wax is involved, it can be even more dangerous. While waxing does leave the skin smoother, it doesn’t look that way at first. The skin can be red and bumpy after having brows waxed, and sometimes a little bit of skin may come off in the process. If the hairs break off at the follicles, it can cause ingrown hairs, which in turn can cause abscesses and infections. Luckily, the risks are minimal, especially when the process is done by a trained technician.

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