Choosing the Right Asphalt in Burnsville, MN for a New Driveway

Homeowners who want to enhance the look of their homes and install a new driveway should consider the use of asphalt in Burnsville, MN. The right type of product will go a long way in creating a driveway that will hold up well as the years go by. Choosing to work with a professional will ensure that the asphalt has the right blend of materials and results in a driveway that will hold up well as the years go by.

What Goes into the Mix?

The best type of asphalt for this kind of application will include a mix of cement along with some type of aggregate. A professional will likely recommend a combination of sand and some sort of stones. The size and type of the stones will vary, based on the amount of load bearing that is needed for the driveway. When the traffic is mainly residential vehicles and no commercial ones, the selection and amount of stones and sand may vary slightly.

A professional will be aware of local safety regulations that require all driveways be composed of materials that will withstand minimum amounts of stress. For this reason, it helps to get quotes from professionals, and make sure those quotes are broken down to show what materials are used. This will remove any doubt about whether the driveway will provide the support needed.

The End Result

The right type of asphalt in Burnsville, MN will provide several benefits. The material will last for years and only require basic cleaning. The expansion and contraction of the asphalt during the different seasons will not result in cracking. During the winter months, homeowners don’t have to worry about salt damaging the surface of the driveways. In addition, asphalt has a certain amount of give and take that is not found with concrete and other materials that are sometimes used for driveways.

The professionals at Asphalt Driveway Company, Inc. know how to evaluate the needs of the client and come up with the ideal solution for a new driveway. Contact them and have them take a look. In a very short period of time, the new driveway will be in place and look great.

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