The Pros and Cons of Driveway Resurfacing in Branford, CT

A homeowner has a difficult decision to make when the driveway starts to show its age with small cracks or other corrosion — whether to resurface the driveway or totally redo the driveway. Understanding the pros and cons of driveway resurfacing in Brandford, CT will help make the decision at least a little bit easier to make.

Can Be Cost Effective

Nobody wants to spend any more than they have to in order to keep their driveway functioning and looking respectable. When the cracks aren’t too large and don’t cover a large portion of the driveway, resurfacing may be a good bet. It can be almost twice as expensive to repave as it is to resurface a driveway. This is because repaving involves removing the old asphalt and resurfacing involves simply flattening out the old driveway and adding a new coat of asphalt.

Doesn’t Take a Lot of Time

Replacing a driveway takes a lot of time, at least if you do it right. Once the old driveway is removed, new gravel is applied. This gravel has to settle for a couple weeks, or it may settle after the asphalt is applied and cause cracks. This takes more time than simply filling any cracks and adding a new layer of asphalt.

Not Always The Best Fix

In some cases, driveway resurfacing in Branford CT isn’t a good option. This includes when more than half of the driveway is covered in cracks or when these cracks are very large or deep. This type of issue can mean that there is a problem with uneven soil underneath the driveway that would need to be fixed before replacing the driveway. Simply resurfacing it, in this case, wouldn’t be a lasting fix. Cracks would begin to appear in the relatively near future, although resurfacing could delay the need to replace the driveway by a few years. Once a driveway is nearing 20 years of use, it typically isn’t worth it to try to patch or replace it. The materials are so old it should really be replaced.

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