Does Your Yard Need Raccoon Removal in Columbus OH?

Raccoons are cute creatures from a distance, especially when they are in their natural forest habitat. When raccoons come into residential areas, however, they can cause a lot of problems and make homeowners need raccoon removal in Columbus OH. Here are three of the most common things raccoons do that turn them into nuisance animals.

1. Making a Mess

One of the activities that raccoons are most notorious for is getting into garbage cans as they search for food. They can even figure out ways to get into many trash cans that have lids. As raccoons dig through the garbage to find things they can eat, they are likely to shred plastic bags and send bits of trash out of the can. All the garbage that leaves the can will then be scattered all over the ground, leaving a mess that homeowners could end up having to clean again and again if the raccoon returns. Wind might scatter the trash even more during the night, which is an unpleasant sight to wake up to.

2. Harming Property

Raccoons are occasionally seen living in hollow trees. Sometimes, however, they may move closer to where people live, such as settling into a garage, an attic, or a shed instead. They may damage the area that they choose to live in as they seek to turn it into a home for themselves. Homeowners may be bothered by the noise of raccoons scratching or walking around in the attic, since it can be surprisingly loud and could frighten children. These noises may also upset pets who can’t see what is causing the strange sounds.

3. Carrying Disease

Quite a few diseases can be carried by raccoons. Some of the most concerning are rabies and distemper. Although raccoons generally want to avoid people and pets, they can be aggressive in some instances. People will know to stay away from a wild animal that is acting aggressive, but pets can be curious. If they get too close to a raccoon, they could be scratched or otherwise injured. Raccoons may also get into the food bowls of outdoor pets, stealing food from the bowls.

Any problems like these can cause homeowners to need Raccoon Removal in Columbus OH. Contact Your Ohio Wildlife Pro for more information.

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